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Faculty Development-Being a Teacher

Library Resources-If you are an appointed clinical adjunct faculty member, you have access to a wealth of library resources that you may access on a computer or mobile device. For resources you may access on a computer, see http://library.lmunet.edu/medlib For resources you may access on a mobile device, see http://library.lmunet.edu/content.php?pid=602401&sid=5016586. If you are an appointed clinical adjunct faculty member who would like a serial number to install DynaMed on a mobile device, please email  Emily.Weyant@lmunet.edu or call 423-869-7080.

TOMEC Resources

TOMEC provides scholarly and applicable information to enable our on-site faculty to have the most up-to-date training, including on topics such as GME and funding, professionalism and evidence-based teaching. TOMEC also provides a series of educational lectures, discussions and meetings to help accomplish member goals.

Two areas of particular focus are on expanding the use of OMM and encouraging expanded research activities. TOMEC will accomplish these goals by delivering on-site OMT workshops, providing seminars and adding on-line modules. Research assistance will be delivered through our website and modules, with access to LMU-DCOM research experts, and during 2 annual research focused workshops.   

Useful Documents

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The LMU-DCOM Office of CME offers educational resources for community-based teaching, preceptor newsletters, grand round webinars, teaching manuals and training workshops to meet the learning needs of busy practitioners.
LMU-DCOM Continuing Medical Education and Preceptor Development

TEACHER’S GUIDE: Resident Teaching Development Program; Institute for Medical Education
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

A teaching perspectives inventory to help collect your thoughts and summarize your ideas about teaching and can be useful in examining your own teaching as well as helping clarify the teaching views of other people.

Family medicine is an important part of humanitarian assistance when a disaster strikes. For that reason, the ACOFP Public Health and Wellness Committee has provided information about public health and wellness, disaster preparedness and terrorism awareness.
Public Health/Disaster Preparedness

A free, on-line, go-at-your-own-pace training that has helped more than 4,000 health care professionals and students improve patient-provider communication.
Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals

Best Practices in OMT Coding
The AOA recently published the second edition of our Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) Coding Instructional Manual on Osteopathic.org. This must-read resource—available only to AOA members—enumerates the best practices related to OMT coding and documentation. The revised Manual includes the history of OMT coding, identification of OMT codes in CPT©2013, appropriate use of the OMT codes, OMT documentation, and procedures for handling denied claims.

View a webinar about key changes to the manual and the best practices to ensure that you are properly billing, documenting and being paid for performing OMT.  Watch a replay of the webinar online

About TEC
The main goal of the Therapeutics Education Collaboration (TEC) is to provide physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, naturopathic physicians, other health professionals, and the public with current, evidence-based, practical and relevant information on rational drug therapy. The overall philosophy of the TEC is to encourage clinicians to engage in shared informed decision-making, critical thinking, and exercise some degree of healthy skepticism when it comes to the use of new and old medications.

We try to keep the information useful, practical and relevant for physicians and pharmacists so that they can incorporate this information into their day-to-day practice. Humor (because evidence can be really dull) plays an important role in all our presentations. We are strong advocates of shared-informed decision-making and our sessions try to provide information in a way that you can use it with your patients.  http://therapeuticseducation.org/

A good one on RCTs:
and this one on NNT:
and a talk on absolute risk reduction:

AOA iLearn Mentor Program
The AOA strongly believes that mentoring is an essential component of the learning experience for students, interns, residents and young physicians. As iLEARN mentors, experienced DOs bring expertise and empathy to help guide their mentees, and can learn from and reach mutual understanding with their inexperienced counterparts.